#6 – Calm? Sometimes

I was conducting a training last week on Stress. Near the end of the training I began to review with the participants a hand-out I brought. Stress Reduction Techniques. While reviewing the strategies listed, the director, who has had very good results from recently experiencing meditation asked me if I would possible walk her team through a guided editation? So for the next 7-8 minutes I did just that. Dimmed the lights, and walked them through a guided meditation. WOW, never in a million years could I have been prepared for the enthusiastic response from her team. They reported a calmness they had not experienced, a new relaxed state that they did not expect in just a few short minutes and a change in the energy in the room. I am a long time meditator (35ish years) so I was used to this type of feeling but had forgotten how daunting meditating might be for the first time meditator. Guided meditation is also a great way to  begin, you can start with as little as a few minutes at a time. Like most things that are new, start small, baby steps! There is a wonderful website CALM that allows you an array of techniques to meditate with breathtaking pictures, beautiful sounds and calming options for FREE. On the website also additional stress reducing techniques. There is also an APP, so you can take it wherever you go. You can always get an upgraded option but the basic free version will serve you well.  ENJOY and let me know if you have meditated in the past and your experiences.

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