#1 – Dear Friends, Family and Colleagues

Dear Friends, Family and Colleagues:

I am so excited to be writing to you my 1st women’s blog
When I had the idea to start this email/blog last month for “Women Only” it was strictly out of selfish reasons I must confess. I had recently read many amazing books, subscribed to inspiring podcasts and started some great morning routines to start my day. Because of this and sharing my new knowledge with so many friends and clients I found myself texting and sending this information to so many over and over again, then I thought why not send out just once. So the Genesis of this communication.
I have no idea where this will go, but as I am learning that all great things come with risk- you take a leap of faith, AND what is the worst thing that could happen? 293 reply “Unsubscribe me from this immediately” BUT 1 does not. I am all about the RIPPLE and it only takes one!

If this speaks to 1 woman, helps her stand a little taller, helps think a little deeper, I will be pleased. BECAUSE that my friends is the WHY. When your WHY is big enough, clear enough, vivid in your mind WHY you are doing anything, the details take care of themselves. DO NOT let anything or anyone stand in your way. ROCK ON
This Month-


That word has come up a lot lately while working, playing and living. It started for me in particular last Year-September, rocking my new granddaughter. I had a revelation that we only have a finite number of years, months and days to live and make a DIFFERENCE!
At this same period of time I read an article that was posted on Facebook, I am sure most of you are familiar with it. The 5 biggest regrets that patients had on their deathbeds. – (From a nurse working in hospice care)

  1. They wished they hadn’t made decisions based on what other people think
  2. They wished they didn’t work so hard
  3. They wished they had expressed their feelings
  4. They wished they had stayed in touch with their friends
  5. They wished they had let themselves be happy

It is almost a year later and I Reflected on what this past year has looked like:
Decided to leave my job at an agency to return to being an independent contractor

  • Started an amazing new morning routine that involves: reading, journaling, reflecting, meditating and exercising which resulted in reading more books in 5 months that I have read in 5 years.
  • Decided that I am no longer going to accept sub-par or average healthcare professionals, so I dumped 2 of them- dermatologist and chiropractor. I found two others AND they are amazing! (If you want names, email me privately)
  • Spend a lot less time listening to negative news cycles (Easy to do this year)
  • Travel time is now filled with inspiring podcasts, audible books or Tedtalks
  • Created space to spend more time with family/friends reconnecting
  • Only spend time with those who uplift me and I feel energized to be around

It has been an amazing year, but what I have noticed while training and talking to people, REFLECTION, or more importantly, the lack of taking time to reflect seems to be an epidemic. We don’t do it enough at work or in our personal life. Why? Because reflection takes time. We are too busy DOING instead of BEING. If we only realized that reflecting is where all of the MAGIC happens. That and getting out of your Comfort Zone (but that’s a topic for another day).
So I am asking each woman out there to STOP and carve out time of their busy routines in this upcoming month to REFLECT-

  • Are you doing and acting in accordance with your own game plan? (Or someone else’s?)
  • Are you doing what you LOVE to do?
  • Are you spending time with those you enjoy and uplift you?
  • Are you able to practice being PRESENT?

WHY Reflect? – Because you owe it to yourself

You are Amazing -some of you just don’t believe it yet, -Give it time you will!
This Months Book Recommendation: (paperback, practicing being present)
The Practicing Mind- (Developing Focus and Discipline in Your Life) by Thomas M. Sterner
Have a wonderful month- See you on the flipside!

Personal Regards,
P.S. – Let me know how your reflections go, so interested in hearing!


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    1. March 28, 2018

      I apologize that I just read this now, still not very tech savvy to even know where to find these comments on my website 🙂 .Thank you for your feedback and appreciate your interest in my work. Unfortunately, I am so new to blogging still working through the nuances to get it right. Always open for feedback. Have a lovely day!

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