#4 – Baby Steps – Commit


Happy Valentine’s Day My Friend- I hope this day you felt love from your friends, family and from those you cherish and close to you. I am reaching out particularly on this day to
extend an extra hug whether you need it or whether it was one of many you have received on this day!

Although this is only number #4 in my blog series, I have written to you many, many times in my mind. My inspiration comes usually in the morning at the gym while I stare at the sign
“Leave Your Ego at the door” or back at home while I meditate. But why is there a gap between my mind racing with new concepts and ideas and putting pen to paper? I ask
myself. Then as easy as the question comes so does the answer. “LIFE HAPPENS”. Emails to read and respond to, house hold chores to do, home office to organize and calls
to return.

Now that we are in February and most of our New Year’s resolutions have faded similarly as my inspirations did, perhaps we should consider thinking fast forward. One of my recent
podcasts suggested “What if we fast forwarded to the end of the year and as we reflect on 2017 and we celebrated all that we accomplished, experienced and enjoyed. What might that
be? Trips taken, family celebrations, trying new and exciting things? Let’s dream BIG,Let’s try things we are afraid of and do them ANYWAY!! What might that be for you?

Well….. I decided for 2017 I wanted to write more (I figure the only way I will get better is to keep practicing) and if I am going to honor myself I will commit to it on paper. If my dentist appt. is important enough to put on paper, aren’t my own goals equally important? Heck Yes! So what is that baby step you can take? The hardest thing in taking action. That first step, make it so tiny you can’t help but be successful and then CELEBRATE!!!! So I am all about accountability and statistics will show that if you have an accountability partner, whether you are starting a diet, fitness program, new habit etc. Then your rate of success increases significantly. SO with that in mind, I am going to take a leap of faith and my goal is to write this blog 2x a month.

My book recommendation this month is FAILING FORWARD- see below. If that book taught me anything that you have to take a risk, what’s the worse that could happen if I write more often? All of you could decide that is horrible and UNSUBSCRIBE from this email blog? Perhaps, but that’s a risk I am willing to take. What are you going to try new this year? Willing to fail at? I’m waiting to hear… I will post some of the risks this community of woman are willing to take next blog-Stay tuned

Recommended Book- As much as we are all afraid of failing, this will convince you that the more we fail the better we get!

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With  LOVE!

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