#9 – The Devil is Not Happy

I saw this slogan somewhere and then printed in on a picture. This sign hung over my desk when I worked for an agency. It made me smile. It reminded me that when the devil is not happy I am on a right path.

I just finished a very large project I have been working on for the past 6 months. I was not on this journey alone but surrounded by a sisterhood that came along for the ride for a vision and event I wanted to hold. It reminded me once again when we have a shared purpose, a shared goal and vision and the WHY is big enough anything is possible. On this journey I learned to ask for help. I have always had a hard time asking for help, perhaps viewing it as weakness. But along this journey realizing it is in the strength of your conviction that allows you to ask AND ask I did. Everyone was so appreciative of having the opportunity to help.

You know that feeling that you get when you help someone, or give of yourself for a volunteer organization or just help a friend or family member? Those who volunteer regularly also have lower rates of depression. That feeling fills your soul and your heart grows a little fuller. Don’t deny another of that feeling when they want to help you. In this article Volunteering Good for Body and Mind the health benefits are documented.

Is there someones help you need, someone that could lighten your load and make your burden a little lighter? We are here to help, all you have to do is ask-

Have a lovely month!

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With LOVE and Gratitude !

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