#7 – Who’s Got Balance


Work Life Balance? We hear about it in magazines, women’s empowerment talks many, many books and I even touted the importance while hiring staff so they don’t get burned out. Then I  realized there is a big difference between work life balance and keeping your priorities straight, what does this balance mean?

I envision the image of the statue in front of court buildings – scales of justice. When my work, personal, and spiritual life are all in alignment, I will be contented – REALLY?? How often does that happen AND more importantly is that my goal in order to feel that I am doing OK. I choose to focus on one thing at a time and then go into my zone.I have a very hard time playing before all my work is done. I wish I could put it out of my head but it lingers there, just in the background, while try to enjoy a pleasurable activity.

I have accepted the fact there is a time for everything, I don’t need to be perfectly balanced all of the time. Being PRESENT for everything is more important for me whether with my family, work or personal time. I want to go all in and knock it out of the park, and whenI PLAY, I want to PLAY BIG with no little voice telling me to slow down, keepcalm!

Sometimes for me that statue of justice scales are very tipped one way or another and that’s okay because when they tip the other way, it’s going to be amazing!!

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With  LOVE!

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