#10 – Sometimes it just keeps raining!


Do you ever have one of those days, or a series of them, that no matter what you do to get out of a funk, you just can’t escape it? You are not alone. But when we have those moments, what do you actually do? Hope they pass quickly, overeat, over drink, pull the sheets over your head and go back to bed? Well any of these remedies may work for the short term but when continually happening, time to check in with our thoughts.

I recently returned from a conference in California with my favorite podcaster, Brooke Costillo from the Life Coach School. All of her research and life’s work is around understanding how our brain works and what we “choose” to think about. The Good News is YOU control your thoughts 100%. The Bad news, YOU control your thoughts 100%. Can be a little scary when we realize it is all in our hands.

On those troublesome days, Brooke discusses doing a thought download. Just grab a piece of paper and begin writing down all of those negative thoughts racing around your head. It’s been shown just by the actual act of writing helps to declutter your thought process and improve your mood. I use it often, it really does work. Here’s to downloading! Let me know if it helps.

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