#11 – Uh, Oh, the Devil’s Back

LOL I am typing this, smiling to myself. Less than 24 hr’s I sent out #10, had the most responses ever and now here you go with another. Tick Tock 45 minutes to go before we start another month AND what did I commit to a few months back? That I would practice my writing and do 2 a month. Clearly I still am on a learning curve with my time management.

Couldn’t resist this quote above, I came upon it as I was downloading a whole group of inspirational messages for you for these blogs and my website being created. But doesn’t that thought really make you take a deep breath, stand up a little straighter and think, on those days that you are feeling powerful, days everything is clicking and you feel: “You’ve got this! When I was at a yoga class this week, my instructor was talking about stretching until you feel “sweet discomfort”. I thought “Wow, what a gentle way to push yourself”. Doesn’t that sound better than “NO pain, No Gain”. Perhaps then the message today and going into next month is be kind to ourselves. NEVER, EVER say something to yourself that you would not say to your best friend. Hmmm.. Now think about that, would you ever say to your best friend “You are so dumb, I can’t believe you did that, what is wrong with You? You’ll never get it right, etc. Yet when we are feeling a little insecure and down we beat up ourselves harder than anyone else would. Be Kind to yourself, you are only human and we are all practicing getting it right everyday.

I am off to NYC where I will be able to spend time with my sons and favorite toddler, so you know
I am going to have a great time.

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