#12 – Your Morning Routine


I have realized that my morning routine is sacred to me, it is a habit, a ritual when my mind goes on autopilot and I put on my gym clothes while still half asleep. Actually I am not very talkative in the morning and prefer no conversation early on. I need to warm up into my day.

My ah, ha moment came a few weeks ago and realized the real reason I go to the gym. It is not that I love working out because I do not. But while I am on the treadmill I traditionally listen to Ted Talks, podcasts or inspirational YouTube for uplifting new ideas and listening to some of the thought leaders of the day. Until last week and I had forgotten my iPhone at home. To pass the time I listened to the local and National news. OMG!!! In the first 10 minutes I was literally beginning to get depressed with the details of: 2 murders, one rape case, a politician being convicted for embezzeling, a fire that killed 2 small children, national political updates that would make your skin crawl and then a case of an amber alert. That was before the first commercial then followed up by another political representative being suspended until further investigation into tampering. I knew then that the WHY of going to the gym for me, it was my sacred time for my mental health inspiration. Perhaps if you are filling up on the local/national news each morning in preparation for your drive into work, that would certainly explain some of the road rage :-).

How do you start your day? With uplifting rituals, or do you roll out of bed, hitting the snooze alarm and then lay there worrying about all of the things of the day even before your feet hit the ground. One psychologist mentioned a study he did on GRATITUDE. As soon as each person woke up they had to think of the 5 people in the world that they are most grateful for. Even before their feet hit the ground they had to think of the most important person on the planet, and think about why they are so grateful for them then on to the 2nd, 3rd, 4th and the 5th person they mentioned had to be themselves and asking what they are going to contribute to the world today. Each participant did report a feeling of increased well being when they started their day with this routine. So my challenge to you- do you have a positive routine you start each day? There is always the quote below, but if you are finding yourself dress-rehearsing the doom and gloom of what may or may not happen during the upcoming day, why not try the Gratitude Busters! You’ve got nothing to lose BUT everything to gain. Let me know your AM routine.

Talk Soon 🙂

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