#13 – Lucky or Not


This is my 13th Blog. 13 has always been a lucky number for me and while I type this I am surrounded by loved ones entertaining my son, fiance, and her parents for 4 days. An opportunity to make new memories. I have to remind myself to be present and enjoy the moments taking in the love and bond throughout our activities while they are planning their upcoming wedding. Being present is not always easy for me. My mind often wanders into what is or is not happening. Did I plan enough food? Did I put out enough clean linens? Did I purchase enough groceries? Did we make everyone feel comfortable? Sometimes worrying about being ENOUGH takes you away from the magic of the moments. Being present takes practice and reminding our selves to enjoy the moment. I just finished 4 weeks with house guests while they transitioned between selling their home here and moving across country. As you can imagine having your friends move in with you for 4 weeks COULD get a little dicey. You would hate to end a friendship on a sour note if too much closeness was just too much. But it turned out to be fabulous, it gave all of us an opportunity to know each other on a deeper level. I will miss them horribly for so many reasons and being Present was Enough, sometimes it is as easy as that. Happy 4th my friends, whatever you have planned and with whom, be PRESENT and enjoy!

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