#14 – Squirrel

Greetings! If you are in my family, ever worked very closely with me or a dear friend, you KNOW what “Squirrel” means. OR perhaps you use this phrase in your family or with friends. It is usually accompanied with a hand gesture over your head depicting an animal flying. For those still confused, it is when you are deep in a conversation and then you get distracted and start thinking about something else. OR someone interrupts you. If the interruptions continue sometimes you refer to it as “Flying Squirrels”. I remember working in my past agency, and we got to laughing so hard because many of my fellow colleagues were familiar with that term in their own families.

Why am I talking about squirrels today? Because most recently I have found myself so distracted by new ideas, fascinating people, exciting concepts, new teachings, clearly I have the “Shiny Object Syndrome”. Sometimes focusing on one thing when all of these other exciting things are peaking my interests. BUT unfortunately, when you become so interested in so many exciting things all at the same time then nothing gets done.

So my friend if you find yourself distracted on occasion like myself, I go back to one of my favorite books, mentioned in #1 – The Practicing Mind by Thomas Sterner. Thomas best sums it up with the 4 S’s. – (pg. 95) Simplify, Slow, Short, Small. I know going slower sounds like an oxymoron but it’s amazing how slowing down makes you much more productive. Can’t wait for a book to be delivered or downloaded into your kindle? Try this short 3:29 minute You Tube – FOCUS Happy Day my friend! Don’t beat yourself up if on occasion you flitter away hours on Netflix or Facebook, your human, just make sure that those hours are not keeping you from something amazing!

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