#15- 40 years, 40 months or 40 days

In #4 I decided I wanted to blog more and I made a commitment to all of you that for this  year I would write 2 a month.  Have I kept my promise to you and myself? YES, although I must admit some were right down to the wire (I believe it was 2 in one day that entered your  mailbox one  month) :-).

More importantly  we are now  MORE than half way through the year. What commitments did you make as the clock struck midnight on New Year’s Eve last year? Some of us make resolutions,some don’t, statistically most New  Year’s  resolutions  are broken by the end of January. I personally  use my  birthday  to reflect on my  past year (In September,  hint, hint,  in case you wanted to send me a HUGE gift) 🙂

“FranklinCovey suggests eight ways with which you might have better suc ess at keeping said resolution(s). These include making only one or two resolutions, set them as realistic goals, pace yourself, reward yourself for progress, and, if you slip up or break your resolution, just recommit and move  forward (instead of  simply quitting).”

We do not know if we have 40 years , 40 weeks or 40 days left on this amazing planet. BUT you do know there are 5 months left of this year. So what little tiny thing can you commit to that might make a HUGE difference for yourself.  Make it so small it would be impossible to fail.

As  you know  I am all about rewarding yourself,  we never do that enough as  women we are so busy being busy. Perhaps a small little change might be JUST to slow down and imagine “What If…” . Have a chat with your 5 month older self NOW, what do you want to tell her about the next 5 months?

Have a glorious  day!



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