August Early Childhood Updates

Dear Directors, Administrators and Owners-
Wow Summer is already half over! Hope you are able to take a moment to slow down and appreciate all of the wonderful things your program is doing for children!

This Month:

  • ECE Solutions Website
  • Training Giveaway Winner
  • Pyramid Trainings for Fall
  • ECLC Free Director Trainings
  • New Provider Letter
  • Paid Family Leave
  • Family Resource
  • New Sponsor

ECE Solutions new website is now active listing all of the trainings, coaching and popular used  resource links in the Early Childhood field.

The Winner of our Facebook Free Giveway Training was Lynnette Gould from Family Help Center Daycare. They chose the “Teambuilding” training that will be conducted in September. This training is a high energy FUN training for all staff that deepens the communication level within the organization. 

Pyramid Model

The New series of Pyramid Trainings have been scheduled for the Fall. This series will run all 3                       modules for both the Pre-K and Infant Toddler. There is a discount for both multiple staff members from the same site in addition to a discount if the same individual takes all 3 in the series. 

Registration Form Sep-Nov 2017

Infant Toddler Sep-Nov 2017

Pre-K Sep-Nov 2017

There is an important new Provider Letter that extends the length of time a programs enforcement action will show up on the website and other pertinent information.

There are still 4 days of FREE Director Training left in the year in Buffalo: Register at: Early Care and Learning Council  (ECLC) . August- 15-16 -Fiscal Management , Oct 18th-Orientation, Oct 19th-Supervisory Skills.  Don’t hesitate contacting me if you have any questions. ECE Solutions, Inc.

Effective January 1, 2018 the New York State Paid Family Leave goes into effect. A link for your             review and to begin the conversation of how it may effect your program and staffing.

Family Resources –  One way to build community with your families is to have a variety of resources to offer them.  The website CSEFEL – Center for the Social Emotional Foundations for Early Learning   has an extensive resource tab for families with articles you can print immediately. I am attaching one such link for your review for your resource area. – Supporting your Child’s Communication Skill

I received an email inquiring if the email sent out last week from HiMama was legitimate. Yes, that came from me introducing my new sponsor. Please rest assure my e-mail list will never be shared or sold to a 3rd party. I just wanted to inform you that you will see their logo on my website. I was also informed from HiMama the initial email that was sent out contained the wrong link. This link provides you an opportunity to receive 10% Discount off services if you choose to enroll in the program. 

Have a lovely month, filled with joy and laughter

With Gratitude

Marilyn A. Ballard
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