#16- To Chunk or NOT to Chunk


Chunking projects is an art. A way to compress your work cycle. I have attempted it in the past with little success due to my own distractibility but this month I have brought it to a whole new level.

We have the pleasure this month of watching our granddaughter for 10 days. If this isn’t a reality check I don’t know what is. Just when you think you are becoming a little overwhelmed with your own schedule this little creature smiles and giggles and reminds all of us not to take ourselves so seriously. How can you possibly be stressed when you have a 23 month old laugh hysterically for no reason except to hear her own voice?

Because of this change in our routine for 10 days and the need to adjust our schedule it has forced my husband and I to really chunk our work to be more efficient.   When I know I have only 2 hours to work at a time uninterrupted you work much more purposeful, intentional and efficient. BEFORE the time is up and you swap out to play with a toddler.

So how can you start chunking without having to wait for a toddler to ascend on your world?  F John Reh. Recommends

  • Start small until you get the feel of it. Pick a single task, perhaps your weekly report.
  • Set aside the 30 minutes you know it will take.
  • Close your door or put up a sign that reads “Genius at work” or something like that and then concentrate on the report and nothing but the report.
  • Ignore the phone.
  • Don’t check email.
  • Just write the report

For the complete article:

Try Chunking to Improve Efficiency   

Here’s to chunking my friends but now I have to go and play with my toddler-

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  1. Lily
    August 30, 2017

    Genius at work! Love it!

  2. Beth Adams
    August 31, 2017

    Marilyn, Perfect timing for Chelsea and I. Yusif is back after being gone 10 weeks visiting his Dad, school starting and both of us in new jobs. Chelsea’s a bit much more challenging than mine!
    Its a good idea and a method I have employed in the past but lost site of. I just forwarded her you post. Have fun with the little lady!

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