#17- Houston We Are Praying for You!

You are probably reading this and thinking, REALLY, 2 in two days. Boy her time management skills still need alot of work. Last day of the month and she is under the gun. OR you might be thinking WOW, with everything she is juggling now she still holds true to her word of delivering 2x a month.

Hmm…, isn’t it interesting that we can always see a different perspective on something when we choose to. Our own situation is always relative to what else is happening around us. Did you ever feel sorry for yourself UNTIL you heard a story about someone who is experiencing something worse, then you felt a little better? Oh, come on admit it you have felt like that.

With that being said, anything you or I who become frustrated with inconveniences have nothing on Houston. Our family is so blessed and my husband and I wanted to contribute in some way and was not sure of the right organization UNTIL I saw a video clip tonight from one of my favorite Ted Talk Speakers, Brene Brown.

If you haven’t heard her speak (Ted Talks, You Tube, Oprah, etc. etc. She is absolutely a woman you will want to tap into her wisdom)


Tonight though I just saw a clip of her asking for items that they really need  AND who would have ever thought Undies?

Brene Brown

Just thought I would share this!

Have a lovely day!

With Love Marilyn

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