I offer a variety of Professional Development Opportunities for the Early Childhood Field around the Social Emotional Lens and Building Empowering Relationships between Staff, Children, and Parents. All trainings are an opportunity for the attendees to reflect on their own practice. Trainings listed below are typically 2 hours long but can be modified, combined to be shorter or extended to be a full day of professional development. Contact ECE Solutions for a free price quote for your specific needs.

Leadership Director Trainings

These trainings are for the seasoned as well as new Directors:

  • Empowering Your Staff
  • Handling Difficult Conversations with your staff
  • Inspiring Peak Performance
  • Supervising Staff
  • Holding Efficient Empowering Staff Meetings
  • Understanding Staff’s Motivating Factors
  • Building Relationships with Staff so that EVERYONE wins
  • Enforcing Current Policies with Finesse-Staff & Parents

Staff Trainings

Connecting with Coworkers

On-site trainings for your staff. Each of my trainings are developed personally for your program with your specific needs in mind. My expertise is in Relationship Building and communication in your program: These trainings give your staff an opportunity to reflect on their own practice.

  • Teambuilding I – High energy training for staff that will leave them laughing and connecting forming a more cohesive work group
  • Teambuilding II – Advanced activities to improve how your team interacts on a daily basis
  • Difficult Conversations– Does your staff struggle with talking to each other about sensitive subjects so they can avoid conflict? Let’s explore the strategies that will immediately improve your communication within your whole organization

Connecting with Children

  • Relationships – What are your hot buttons with the children you care for and how does it affect your daily interactions. Reflecting on your own temperament compared to the children in your care is often telling.
  • Transitions – Smooth transitions are wonderful opportunities to practice self-regulation, critical thinking and conflict resolution AND have fun!
  • Signage, Rules, Routine – How you set-up your environment and routine of the day let them know you care, they are welcome and you LOVE being with them
  • Schedules- Reflecting on your current schedule let’s explore together how creating long extended opportunities for children to be engaged with teacher-directed activities as well as child choice. Scary? Doesn’t have to be and look how much fun they will have.
  • Looking through their Eyes – Do you really see what they see? Do you know 10 personal things about each child in your classroom? What makes them happy, sad, frustrated. We’ll explore learning about each child on a deeper level.
  • Spicy Children– Strategies and guiding principles for connecting with children’s challenging behavior, The children that push your buttons are the same ones that are reaching out for your help, they just haven’t learned the correct way to ask yet.

Connecting with Families

This training assist staff to identify roadblocks in family engagement and enhance family partnerships

  • Love Connections for Families – A child’s family is a critical component to a program. Your relationship with each child’s family strongly impacts the relationship with each child. Are you building bridges or walls? Relationships – Understanding the family’s perspective on the care you give their child is critical to it’s success. Is your Communication style in sync with the parents in your program or could it use a little tune-up.

Pyramid Model Training

Registration form Sep-Nov 2017Flyer Pre-K Sep-Nov 2017Due to the ever increasing rates of children being expelled from child care programs, NYS has decided to collaborate with 21 other organizations and roll out the Pyramid Model in NYS through a systematic process. Pyramid Model trainings address the social emotional competencies of children from birth to age 5. These trainings and additional follow-up support has proved to reduce challenging behaviors in classrooms.

Pyramid Model Trainings are now offered to both agencies and “Open to the Public”. There are 3 types of Trainings available Pre-K, Infant Toddler and Family Child Care. Each module builds on the previous thus ensuring a systematic process for implementation and addressing Challenging Behavior. Each module is approximately 6-7 hours long and receives full certification and meets the OCFS regulation hours.

The Center on the Social Emotional Foundations for Early Learning (CSEFEL) is focused on promoting the social emotional development and school readiness of young children birth to age 5. CSEFEL is a national resource center funded by the Office of Head Start and Child Care Bureau for disseminating research and evidence-based practices to early childhood programs across the country.

***Marilyn Ballard is the only independent Master Certified Trainer for the Pyramid Model now training in Erie, Chautauqua and Niagara County.

E-mail for discount rate quotes for your Organization

Current Schedule of Pyramid Trainings “Open to the Public” in WNY

Flyer Pre-K Sep-Nov 2017 

Flyer- Infant Toddler – Sep-Nov 2017

Registration form Sep-Nov 2017

Non-Compliance Trainings

These are very targeted trainings in the event your program has been cited around the Supervision of Children. (One of the most serious cited regulations). These trainings are custom to address the programs current concerns. These indepth trainings will address the potential breakdown in communication amongst staff and create an opportunity for the whole cite to identify a variety of ways to move forward.

“Marilyn consistently provides high quality and engaging presentations for us!!
She has the ability to lead the group with ease but, also address individual needs in a thoughtful way. Staff were eager participants and seemed to come away with new ideas ready for the classroom.
We love working with Marilyn and look forward to doing so again!!!”

-Andrea O’Hern, Program Director, Amherst Community Church Child Care Center